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jesus A  World Class Study of the Word of God jesus, christian, scripture, word of God, christianity, jesus, scripture, christianity, bible study

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​​The Master Bible Study program is truly a unique and rewarding method of studying the Word of God.  Regardless of your level of familiarity with God's Word, MBS will take your understanding of the Bible and how it works to a level unmatched by any other study in the  world.  A bold claim no doubt, however, for over a decade the MBS material has intrigued, inspired, challenged,  and often times awe struck those who have come in contact with it.  Now the MBS material is being made available via a web-based study platform.  By utilizing an online conferencing company (WebEx), those interested in participating in this world class Bible study can do so from the convenience of their home.  SEE EVENTS PAGE

christian, christianity, scripture, online study

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word of god